Why the Discovery Call is so Important to Referral Book Realtors

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Why the Discovery Call is so Important to Referral Book Realtors

The Referral Book real estate networking circle concept is so exciting that some circle members you “recruited” may have invited other circle members you, yourself, hardly know. It happens to circle builders all the time. For example, the HVAC company you have invited into the circle might have a great relationship with a plumbing company and unbeknownst to you, the plumbing company joins.

Tell Me About You

How does it happen that the Referral Book circle that you created gets new members you may hardly know? Because the new member quickly sees the power of the Golden Rule of Referral Networking.

Each Referral Book circle is based on mutual respect, where leads and ideas are exchanged without expectation. People like that.

Referral Book members take the mutual respect principles further than any other networking organization. Members are just as concerned with giving a lead to another member as receiving one for themselves. Before long, it is a certainty that the leads come back to the real estate agent who started the circle.

It is a powerful concept that has proven itself again and again.

It leads us to the “Discovery Call”, the mark of a real networker. The call is made “without strings.” That is, the realtor reaches out to that new member and learns everything she/he can about what that new member does, and how she/he can help that new member’s business grow. These kinds of calls start a solid relationship built on trust and kindness.

Most networking groups are not only expensive to join and time-consuming, but everyone is in it for “me, me, me.” As a result, there is a lot of ego and few leads.

Referral Book takes a completely new approach to real estate referral networking. Not only is a membership cost effective (about the cost of a large mocha latte each month), but instead of spending hours each week in long, boring meetings, the circle meets only once a month.

Building, Not Burning

The Referral Book Golden Rule of Referral Networking builds, not burns relationships. We give to each other, never to take away from one another.

When we are all working together to help others succeed, great things happen. When is the best time to get to know everyone in your Referral Book circle? The time is now, especially as so many of us are either “locked-down” or going about our business wearing face masks.

In these times, when the real estate professional reaches out to other circle members, it is not only based on business, but friendship. We’re all in this fight together, and Referral Book circles make sure we win.

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