Why Referral Book Networking Works

Referral Book Realtor Networking: The Culture of Giving and Getting

Why Referral Book Networking Works

When Todd Swicegood, real estate referral networking expert, founded Referral Book, and developed the ReferralBook.com app, he wanted to create a new networking tool that got results instead of promises.

Unfortunately, Todd Swicegood knew that most realtors either earn a unacceptable amount of income, on average $31,000, or they completely fail and completely leave the field. He set out to find the “why,” why is the failure rate so high?

It’s All about Referrals

The research was clear: 82 percent of the business goes to the top 10 percent of realtors. Think about it. With more than 1.3 million real estate professionals in the U.S. at any time, it leaves most realtors fighting for scraps. How does the top 10 percent do it? Is it through slick radio commercials or refrigerator magnets? Neither. It was, and remains, having a strong referral network.

Understand that every real estate professional is an independent sales person. Each has her or his own company, no matter where they office. After all is said and done, to show a profit, the independent realtor must make a lot more than they spend.

The problem comes when (often in desperation) the realtor buys expensive leads that lead nowhere, or they join so-called exclusive networking groups that cost thousands or go deep into debt from expensive advertising programs.

What Todd Swicegood found is that real estate networking referrals don’t magically appear and they don’t cost loads of money to cultivate. Ultimately, referrals come from people who know us and trust us.

Referrals come back to realtors, when the realtor has done something nice for others, be it letting a landscaping company know of a client who is looking for a new lawn or telling a remodeler that one of her old clients wants new bathrooms.

We can find referrals in houses of worship or in clubs such as Rotary or Chambers of Commerce, but it is haphazard – and competitive and by and large a waste of time.

Networking Group Numbers

Here’s the truth about the old networking model, and when Referral Book started in business, Todd Swicegood realized the odds are stacked against real estate professionals. There are approximately 50,000 networking groups going after the business of those 1.3 million realtors. Most of those groups charge realtors an annual fee of anywhere from $600 to $1,200. Some realtors belong to more than one group. It doesn’t take a detective to realize that the old model doesn’t work and still isn’t working.

A Referral Book referral circle is a tool that works. It is free for real estate professionals who start a circle. In fact, realtors get paid for those they bring into the circle. It is only $99 for any tradesperson or service company to join a circle (about the cost of a hamburger or veggie burger a month)!

In starting a referral book circle, the realtor is at the hub of the action and not an add-on. The daily time commitment isn’t hours, but minutes; about 20 minutes per day. The circle concept is built on the Golden Rule. Simply put, we find opportunities and feed them to one another. We help each other unselfishly.

Now is the time to start a referral book circle. “Luck” is created by bold action and work, to which we would also add trust.

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