What Does It Mean to Live a Referral Lifestyle?

ReferralBook, Living the Referral Lifestyle

What Does It Mean to Live a Referral Lifestyle?

ReferralBook.com, America’s leading referral tool for realtors and tradespeople, has become so successful because it is based on the Golden Rule. The goal of the referral circle isn’t just to throw out leads, but to give more than you get.

In fact, the Referral Lifestyle we encourage, values love, kindness and the law of reciprocity. In this way, as the referral circle grows, there is a top of mind awareness that the landscaper or carpentry service is every bit as important as the realtor who may have built the circle in the first place.

Why “Swapping Leads” Just Doesn’t Work

When Todd Swicegood, the founder of ReferralBook.com, first imagined what the referral lifestyle might look like, he drew his vision from numerous realtors and tradespeople with whom he spoke. He realized that virtually all networking groups didn’t work because aside from the huge investment in time and money to maintain a membership, most people who joined were only in it for themselves. Not surprising, those groups have a huge turnover with poor or no leads. The frustration leads to most members eventually wallowing in the misery of failed expectations.

Referral Book isn’t just about building a circle of 30, 40 or 50 people, it is about opportunity. Opportunity comes when those in the circle are committed to a lifestyle of empowering others. In this way, the discovered leads are unselfishly given out to those who can use them, without any immediate expectation of a lead being returned. This dynamic creates an atmosphere of trust. If you, as the realtor, turn up a solid lead for the electrical contractor or painter, you know that down the road that lead will be returned.

We have also made the Referral Lifestyle a simpler and better method of networking. In this day of FACETIME, Skype, Facebook Live, Zoom and other apps, why force 30 or more networking circle members into weekly face-to-face meetings? It only adds to the anxiety of joining a networking group.

Besides, if you are a busy realtor or flooring company or dog walker, how can you afford to take off a few hours a week, every week? Referral Book networking circles meet in-person only once a month.

We designed Referral Book to be highly affordable. In fact, joining an existing referral circle is about the monthly cost of a hamburger or Carmel Macchiato. Real estate professionals who start a circle, pay nothing. In fact, if you start a circle, you get one-half of the monthly membership dues every month.

Why are Referral Book circles so inexpensive to join? Why has our popularity skyrocketed? Like everything else Referral Book stands for, we are based on the Golden Rule. We all benefit when we respect and trust one another, and that is the true essence of the Referral Lifestyle.

ReferralBook.com is the leading referral tool for realtors and tradespeople in America to promote, discover and share leads. Based on the Golden Rule principle of what you give, you get, ReferralBook “Builds Relationships That Matter™” and enables referral partners to grow their businesses. We are happy to offer potential referral partners a FREE, NO OBLIGATION consultation. Call 704-213-9700 today, or click on the link: https://referralbook.com/contact/