The Value of Blue-Collar Referrals to Realtors

Referral Book, The Value of Blue-Collar Referrals to Realtors

Don’t Overlook the Incredible Referral Power of Tradespeople

An important reason that Referral Book, America’s most innovative realtor referral networking tool, is successful is because we are built to be inclusive. Let’s explain this further.

According to the National Association of Realtors (NAR), every family in America comes into contact with at least three residential closings per year. We know of someone who recently sold a residence, someone who is buying, and someone who will be buying. More often than not, it’s not a friend, business associate or even a neighbor who tells us, it’s a blue-collar tradesperson.

Who Has the Time? You do!

The major realtor networking groups are not only expensive, costing upwards of $1,200 annually, they are time consuming. In fact, their weekly meetings can last for hours. The question we must ask is obvious: who can afford to take hours out of their week to sit around, shoot the breeze and drink coffee? The answer is equally obvious: white collar workers. In most cases, the expensive networking groups have the realtor networking with lawyers, accountants, bankers and such but they discourage those people who are your eyes and ears.

With the realtor networking app, in building your Referral Book networking circle we encourage the realtor to reach out to painters, plumbers, concrete washers, pool maintenance companies and the like. Why? Experience consistently shows us that these fine people see and hear opportunities before anyone else. For example, how many times have painters been asked to bid on a job where the homeowner says, “I want you to paint the rooms on the main floor in white because we’re going to sell?”

Here is the issue: a landscape architect or a kitchen remodeler who has a thriving business doesn’t have the time to “meet over coffee” every week. Nor do these businesses see value in spending hundreds if not thousands of dollars to talk to people who can’t help them.

On the other hand, when a realtor builds a Referral Book networking circle, they are encouraged to reach out to tradespeople, and the response is good. First of all, the cost for joining a circle is about the price of a hamburger (or if you like, a veggie burger) each month. Meetings of a Referral Book networking circle take place only once a month.

The Golden Rule

The Golden Rule of a Referral Book networking circle is its biggest “selling point.” As the circle grows, trust is established. The plumber may have a lead for the drain cleaning company, the electrician may have a lead for the roofing company. Sooner rather than later, the carpeting company might say to the realtor, “I am installing a carpet in the family room for people getting ready to sell.”

The more trust there is in the circle, the more the leads begin to surface. The value of trade, or “blue-collar” referrals is enormous. Referral Book nurtures and appreciates the breadth of experience and the awareness of the market tradespeople bring to the circle. “Builds Relationships That Matter™”, America’s most innovative realtor referral networking tool, is based on the Golden Rule principle of what you give, you get. We gladly offer interested, future referral partners a FREE, NO OBLIGATION consultation. For information: call 704-213-9700 today, or click on the link: