The 5 Struggles of Modern-Day Referral Networking Groups

Referral Book, America’s Leading Realtor Referral Tool

The 5 Struggles of Modern-Day Referral Networking Groups

ReferralBook, America’s leading realtor referral tool, knows there are no end to referral groups. In fact, there are tens of thousands of them. The problem is that many of them fail.

Todd Swicegood, networking referral expert and founder of ReferralBook, launched the unique ReferralBook marketing concept to overcome several networking struggles that many realtors face.

5 Struggles of Modern-Day Networking Groups

  1. Time – Virtually all networking groups require a commitment of one face-to-face meeting every week. It is nice in theory, but if you are a busy professional, fitting in a regular weekly meeting is next to impossible. This is particularly true if the group includes tradespeople as well as realtors. ReferralBook is designed so that face-to-face meetings take place only once a month.
  2. Money – Most networking groups ask a membership price of anywhere between $500 and $1,200 per year. That’s a lot of money to put out, especially when someone is starting out or has a small business. If you join ReferralBook as a circle builder, your fee is $0. Nothing. When you bring new members into your circle, you get paid half the fee! By the way, when a person comes into the circle, they pay $80 per year. Think of it as a hamburger a week, or if you like, a fancy coffee drink per week.
  3. The Numbers Don’t Add Up – There are roughly 1.3 million realtors in the U.S. but only about 50,000 networking referral groups. Most of the groups are exclusive; that is, only one realtor per group. It means a lot of realtors don’t have the advantage of networking. The ReferralBook networking idea is that every realtor should have a network (or even two), and our referral circle allows that to happen.
  4. Tradespeople – After the realtor, the tradespeople should be the heart and soul of a networking group, but they’re rarely included. Whether electricians, interior designers, plumbers or landscape architects, they add huge value to the ReferralBook circle and the realtor adds huge value to their business. By keeping fees reasonable, and reducing meetings to once a month, tradespeople tell us that the ReferralBook Concept is the way to go.
  5. Where’s the Accountability? Oftentimes, there’s no accountability in realtor referral networks. Most networks are too big, too cumbersome and too impersonal. The accountability of ReferralBook is that we are based on the Golden Rule. When we say ReferralBook’s Golden Rule, that means it’s not about “religious” or “secular,” but a promise within each circle to help others who help you. When people are invested in each other’s success, incredible things happen. There’s nothing stronger than a promise to make a difference in another person’s success.

ReferralBook Referral Networking – Now, More Than Ever!

Why ReferralBook networking now, more than ever? All too often real estate professionals experience disappointment. Those tradespeople they recommend from a big, impersonal networking group often don’t pan out (in fact they don’t even know them). In turn, others in the networking group never recommend them when one of their customers’ needs a realtor.

With the ReferralBook circle building concept, each circle is built on reliability, trust and accountability; referrals are treasured and reciprocated. It is a culture of giving that has made Referral Book networking the fastest growing referral network in America. is America’s leading referral tool for realtors and tradespeople to promote, discover and qualify leads. Based on the Golden Rule of people helping people, ReferralBook “Builds Relationships That Matter™” enables referral partners to grow their businesses. We are happy to offer potential referral partners a FREE, NO OBLIGATION consultation. Call 704-213-9700 today, or click on the link below: