ReferralBook, In the Time of Corona Virus

In Tragic Times, Fortune Favors the Bold

We at, self-isolating in this tragic time of the Corona virus, are both saddened for our anyone affected and yet, remain optimistic for the future. ReferralBook knows that out of any challenge America has faced, fortune has favored the bold.

The Perfect Time to Build a Referral Circle

When is the perfect time to build a ReferralBook referral circle? It is right now. Think of it. At this time, we’re mostly in self-isolation, doing our patriotic duty. The real estate market is excited, waiting for the scourge of Corona Virus to lift. Experts are telling us that by May, the total number of cases will have plateaued across most of the nation and should begin their decline.

In this period, those realtors, trades and service people who favor optimism over pessimism, bold action over complacency, purpose over aimlessness, can emerge stronger than ever. is the ideal networking tool to match the positive energy and “explosion of opportunity” that will come in the months ahead.

Be a Referral Circle Builder

Unlike other networking systems, the ReferralBook way is designed to be dynamic, modern, logical and inexpensive.

In most cases, forward-thinking real estate professionals are ReferralBook circle builders. They get its potential and sound judgement. Based on the concept that in life we get back what we give, the circle builder starts to invite tradespeople and service providers into the networking circle.

The first thing everyone loves about the circle is that actual face-to-face meetings take place only once a month, not every week. Face-to-face meetings are often inconvenient and time consuming. Why meet face-to-face when we have Zoom, Skype, FACETIME and other apps? Besides, when tradespeople go back to work, they will really want to work.

They’ll use the ReferralBook app, but why would they leave a back-logged job to spend two hours in a coffee shop?

Then there’s ReferralBook’s low price. The bulky networking organizations currently charge each member anywhere from $500.00 to $1,200.00 per year! Who can afford that after being self-isolated? ReferralBook charges circle members a price that is equivalent to a hamburger a month, or if you prefer, about the cost of a large Chai latte.

But that’s not the best part. When ReferralBook founder Todd Swicegood first conceived of the app, he wanted to support the hard-working realtor community. ReferralBook circle builders not only get to join for free, but for each member they bring into their circle, they make 50 percent of the first-year annual fee.

Each ReferralBook circle is based on the Golden Rule. Whether you’re religious or secular, to our way of thinking, when a circle is built on compassion, kindness, trust and encouragement, wonderful things happen.

We wish everyone in our circles, both large and small, real and virtual, good healing, blessings and much better times ahead. is the fastest-growing referral tool for realtors and tradespeople in America to promote, discover and share leads. Based on the Golden Rule principle of what you give, you get, ReferralBook “Builds Relationships That Matter™” and enables referral partners to grow their businesses. We are happy to offer potential referral partners a FREE, NO OBLIGATION consultation. Call 704-213-9700 today, or click on the link: