Referral Book Networking in only 25 Minutes a Day

The Referral Book Networking Tool for Realtors

Referral Book Networking in only 25 Minutes a Day

Why do Referral Book Circle Members value our networking tool? Because we value their precious time. When real estate referral expert Todd Swicegood launched Referral Book, he wanted to create a networking system that didn’t require real estate professionals and other circle members to spend hours a day staring at an app. was made to enable realtors, tradespeople and service people to network only 25 minutes a day. It is quality time that finds quality leads.

Always be Connecting: The Referral Book Way

Referral Book’s culture of giving and sharing means that it practices the art of always being connected. It means that 25 minutes a day is ample time for the realtor to invite three to four potential circle members into a network, with at least one valuable lead discovery a day. The discovery may not benefit the real estate professional that particular day, but may be a valuable connection to a flooring company, a painter, plumber or another tradesperson in the circle.

We’ve seen it happen time after time, but when quality leads are discovered and shared among circle members, they always come back around the circle to you. Referral Book is based on trust and sharing, specifically the golden rule of sharing.

Why do we encourage just 25 minutes? Because most referral networks overwhelm people with hours of commitments and hours of meetings, in addition to expensive membership fees. Commitment is one thing but unnecessary commitment is a time waster. There are many problems associated with those lengthy referral network meetings (those that often last for hours at a time) including ridiculous time commitments, time commitments that pull you (or other circle members) away from their work, and just plain burnout. Let’s face it. Who can come up with valuable leads when it seems like they spend half their time in meetings that go nowhere? stresses that just 25 minutes a day of focused effort is worth more than those long and boring networking meetings of other networking groups, and in fact, it is just enough time to keep the referral circle energized.

When is it Best to Network?

The beauty of the app is that networking can happen at any time. It doesn’t have to be a set “three-hour daytime” meeting that is inconvenient for everyone most every week. Your 25 minutes of networking can take place first thing in the morning, over coffee, at dinner or in the evening.

There is great power in those 25 minutes. Referral Book referral circle members tell us they feel more empowered, more confident, more supported and less alone. And that’s a great thing. In just 25 minutes a day, an energetic circle can turn up amazing leads — from a homeowner who is looking for a re-wire to a homeowner who wants to sell their home and retire to a yacht in the Caribbean.

The most important thing is that in just 25 minutes a day, Referral Book works. Try us out and let our real estate networking tool work for you! is the fastest-growing referral networking tool for realtors and tradespeople in America to promote, discover and share leads. Based on the Golden Rule principle of what you give, you get, “Builds Relationships That Matter™” and enables referral partners to grow their businesses. We gladly offer our potential referral partners a FREE, NO OBLIGATION consultation. Call 704-213-9700 today, or click on the link: