Placing your networking effort on steroids

The life of a networker is one of HOPE. Hope that the time and effort of being a part of a networking organization will produce fruit. What are the problems? Time, money, followup, etc. Let’s focus on time. Time is your most valuable commodity. If you are part of a networking group, and you meet once each week…imagine the half hour getting there, the hour of chatter and lunch, and then the half hour back to work. 2 Hours X 50 weeks (yes everyone needs a vacation and a chance to recharge the networking battery) equals over 100 hours of your time. 2.5 weeks of your work time. Entry fees can range from $500 to $1,500 per year. What we find is that those who need the network building most are those business people struggling to ramp up their business, so the money matters.

So you leave your network meeting and what do you do. Followup of course, but you mainly leave with a HOPE of a referral. We know referrals are the best lead source, period. That is why we network. But isn’t placing your business on a HOPE footing a very frustrating process.

I believe that face to face is always best. And as we find the necessity to scale our efforts, being able to turn hi tech into hi touch is very important to everyone’s business! How can you create a machine of referrals that is not built on HOPE. In 2019, you will have the opportunity to do just that. It will be a process built, not on meetings, buy face on, go for the jugular relationships. A veritable referral club, built on a tech chassis that will drive the process.

The program requires:

  • Member of differing SIC codes (simply put, one plumber , one electrician, one realtor, etc.
  • ASK someone to join your referral club.
  • Require a referral from each member in a certain period, yes a program of people committed to referring to one another on a set schedule
  • Create a process to monitor and gauge success

In 2019, you will soon see a program that will act as the monitoring process, keep track of success, allow communication, yes everything I have mentioned above.

It will be time efficient, no meetings, other the introduction. Let’s not belittle the value of our time together, but wouldn’t you rather meet your referral partners over drinks once every 2 months or so, than have to eat up 2 hours per week? It will be cost efficient, ranging close to 1/10 the cost of normal networking groups. I will allow communication and monitoring of success and results.

Yes, network groups are great, but wouldn’t you love to start a group that would virtually guarantee referrals as opposed to leaving you in the hope mode? Lastly, if you are a networking genius, would you love the tool that not only placed your efforts in hi-speed, but also paid you to just prospect. We all know the ultimate value of networking is the business that it creates. But wouldn’t it be great to be compensated by the process just to build your group. That is the new world. The networking group on steroids. Watch your referrals explode upward! And with it your income.