Farming for Referrals versus Hunting for Business

Referral Book, America’s Best Realtor Networking Tool

Farming for Referrals versus Hunting for Business

Our inspiration for today’s post is none other than the fabled frontiersman Daniel Boone. What would this American legend have to do with Referral Book and real estate networking? As it turns out, plenty.

Daniel Boone was a great hunter. So great, in fact, that he hunted just about every deer in his county. When he realized what he had done, he was forced into farming to raise enough food to feed his growing family. In fact, he learned how to raise several crops a year. He learned an important lesson about providing for his future.

Farming versus Hunting

As a realtor are you a farmer or a hunter? How do you go about cultivating leads? Do you stalk the same old prospects at chamber of commerce meetings? Do you try to outsmart other realtor-hunters at the Rotary Club and community organizations? If you have gone down this networking trail, you have learned that “hunting for leads” offers – at best – limited opportunities to put food on your table.

Referral Book knows that the most successful real estate professionals are not hunters, but farmers. Leads must be cultivated, not hunted.

Referral Book is based on the Golden Rule of Networking. Each Referral Book circle is its own self-sustaining farm. Each circle creates a farming relationship, seeking out business leads by getting through giving, and by cultivating rather than taking. It is a concept Daniel Boone would have loved.

Farming for Leads

Referral Book is America’s Best Realtor Networking Tool because we support the farming of leads rather than randomly hunting for leads. Hunting leads causes many realtors join expensive networking groups that take hours of their precious time every week.

Referral Book works on a completely different set of principles. Referral Book membership is cost effective. Unlike the expensive networking groups that can charge up to $1,200 annually, the cost of joining Referral Book is about the cost of a hamburger (or if you like, a veggie burger) a month.

In fact, when a realtor wants to build a circle, it is not only free for them to join Referral Book, but for the next year, they get 50% of the monthly fee each new member pays when they join that circle.

Referral Book circles meet only once a month, not for hours every week. We feel that everyone’s time is best spent in farming, not looking at the scenery!

Who joins Referral Book circles? Due to the cost effective fee and minimal time commitment, circles rapidly fill with trades people, service people, professional and financial people.

Why do they stay in the circle? Because the Referral Book Golden Rule of Networking encourages, supports and genuinely cares about the success of everyone in the circle. We understand that in order to cultivate leads, we give leads, we nurture each other and support one another.

The Referral Book Golden Rule of Networking works, because each circle farms its own leads, and does not rely on hunting them down. When people support and nurture one another, everyone wins., America’s best real estate agent networking tool, is based on the Golden Rule of Networking. It is the principle of what you give, you get. We gladly offer interested referral book circle building partners a FREE, NO OBLIGATION consultation. For information: call 704-213-9700 today, or click on the link: