Our Purpose

Referral Book has been conceptualized and built from the ground up to give you a tool that will deliver real qualified referrals from people like you who are motivated to promote you and your group! Social Media has squandered many millions of dollars for hard working business people in search of the magic tonic to build their business. Everyone knows, that from doctors to electricians….whatever your business is, REFERRALS are THE BEST leads…..period!

Referral Book is not about telling your friends what you had for dinner, who had a birthday or what your political thoughts are, it is about the key GOLDEN RULE of business, and that is “when you GIVE, You GET!”

Join Referral Book, build your team of referral partners, market to them, and share your bounty of relationship…..people who need their services or product. This closed group, yes closed group of intimate referral partners, who must refer monthly to hold their spot, will help grow your business, your referral streams, and your revenue!